Kingfisher Bay Resort

Aerial of Kingfisher Bay Resort

The team at AEROAUS spent time on Queensland’s World Heritage Listed Fraser Island to capture the essence of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Kingfisher Bay Resort at Sunrise

The resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort is the idyllic holiday destination for travellers wanting to experience the Great Barrier Reef on an eco-friendly island. 4×4’s and all.

Aerial imagery

The images captured the natural setting the resort resides on as well as world renowned destinations on the island including Lake McKenzie, the Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek and The Pinnacles, all offered on the Beauty Spots Tour.

Fraser Islands Lake McKenzie Aerial

Aerial footage

Video footage was captured for the use of Kingfisher Bay Resort’s Marketing Team, showcasing all of the beauty one can experience whilst spending time on the island.

Aerial footage by AEROAUS.

The outcome was a selection of carefully curated images and media files ready for use by Kingfisher Bay Resort’s digital needs.

Words from Kingfisher Bay Resort Group

“AEROAUS captured an exceptional range of content, from high-resolution drone photography to a vast selection of drone and aerial clips that truly showcased the nature surrounds of our resort, as well as beautifully showcasing the sights of Fraser Island.

I could not recommend James and Kaede more highly, going above and beyond for this collaboration and continuing to support our brand across their online platforms. James and Kaede’s photography style aligned perfectly with our destination and product suite, and we would be thrilled to welcome them back to Fraser Island in the future.”

Lauren – Marketing and Communications Coordinator