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Premium, high quality images.

Discover beautifully captured imagery from all around Australia in our aerial photography print store.


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Drone Photography

Accommodation & Resorts

Show the real beauty of your resorts and properties with imagery from a birds eye view.

Brands & Products

Creatively showcase your products with a fascinating perspective.

Lifestyle & Sports

Sharing your true vision and culture through captivating imagery.

Travel & Adventure

Incredibly capture destinations, inviting visitors worldwide.

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James Knight, otherwise known as Aeroaus, is a professional aerial photographer based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia.

Known for his brilliant blues, his photography features breathtaking landscapes from all around Australia. Namely, powerful surf breaks and serene, empty beaches.

James shoots many of Australia’s best travel destinations and his work has been featured numerous times by Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland.

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I purchased an aerial shot of North Narrabeen rock pool from James. It was an anniversary gift for my wife. The location of the shot was where we got our wedding photos done. Great photo and edited perfectly. It wouldn’t have a spot on the bedroom wall if it wasn’t.

Aerial of Ocean Rock Pool

Toka – Sydney, Australia

I love my aeroaus print! It is my reminder of home while overseas. The amazing quality makes me feel Iike I’m there!

Aerial of Manly

Chloe – Whistler, Canada