The Aeroaus team

James Knight, otherwise known as Aeroaus, is a professional photographer based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He specialises in aerial photography. Known for his brilliant blues, his photography features breathtaking landscapes from all around Australia. Namely, powerful surf breaks and serene, empty beaches. James shoots many of Australia’s best travel destinations and his work has been featured numerous times by Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland. James and his fiancé Kaede work together as Australian content creators.

James Knight

Kaede Ker is the second creative behind Aeroaus. Specialising in digital marketing and content writing, Kaede has brought the Aeroaus dream to life. If she’s not creating websites, writing travel guides or making products for her business WRENEW & CO, you’ll find her in front of James’ lens or walking down an empty beach in Australia. Forever in search of the most unique destinations, Kaede is a travel enthusiast. Her work has been featured by international fashion brands, Australian tourism companies and renowned luxury retreats.

Australian content creators

Australian content creators

Together James and Kaede work as Australian content creators. Their love of travel and aerial photography combined perfectly aligns and you can see this in the incredible work they produce together.

You can purchase Aeroaus photography in the Aeroaus print store.

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